Section ACT Conference

Our section puts on a quality youth lodge leadership training each year called the Adapt, Collaborate, and Thrive Conference, or ACT Conference for short. Expected attendance requires at least 80% of elected lodge leadership (Lodge Executive Committee members), but of course, non-elected youth and adults are welcome to attend this day of training!


The ACT Conference will help lodges Adapt to significant challenges, Collaborate with their peers across the section, and eventually Thrive and become high performing. The leadership theory and pedagogical techniques employed in the course reflect the current best practices in teaching and learning as described in the appropriate literature.

Spring 2020 ACT Conference – March 7, 2020, Camp Sol R. Crown, Trevor, WI

Winter 2020 ACT Conference – December 5, 2020, Virtual

2021 ACT Conference – September 25, 2021, Indian Mound Scout Reservation, Oconomowoc, WI

2022 ACT Conference – September 17, 2022, St. Mary Catholic Parish, Oregon, IL