Section Leadership

Section Chief

Eli Levsky (he/him)

"How can we expect righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone willing to give himself up individually to righteous cause?" ~Sophie Scholl, member of the White Rose

Eli is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Takhone Lodge and has been a member of the OA since 2016. During his time in the Order of the Arrow, he has served on various committees from ceremonies to OA Rep to programs. However, his dedication has been to communications throughout every position. His most recent roles were as the Section Secretary and section publications CVC.

Outside of Scouting, Eli attends Miami University in Ohio to major in International Studies and Political Science. At Miami, he is active in the Jewish community and enjoys watching movies with his friends.

Section Vice Chief

Nickolas Giovan (he/him)

“There is no shortcut on the road to greatness, you have to be irrational” ~Unknown

Nickolas is an Eagle Scout and Fox Award recipient from Wag-O-Shag Lodge, where he serves as Lodge Chief. Nickolas also staffs at Camp Long Lake, this is his second year on staff! Outside of the OA, Nickolas also serves as the national venturing vice president of western region territory support elect, and sits on the National BSA Membership Committee.

“The Captain” will be attending Concordia University of Wisconsin Mequon majoring in Political Science. In his free time, Nickolas can be found reading, playing on a drumline, and writing poetry!

Section Secretary

Catherine Archer (she/her)

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines” ~Robert Schuller

Catherine is an Eagle Scout from Waupecan Lodge, where she serves as the Vice Chief of Program and was formally the Lodge Secretary. Catherine also staffs at Rainbow Scout reservation where she will be the STEAM Director this year! Outside of the OA, Catherine sits on the Strategic Planning Committee for Rainbow Council and is active in her troop as a JASM.

Catherine is attending Plainfield South High School as a senior this year. In her free time, she can be found drawing, reading, or playing her french horn or trumpet!

Section Advisers

Section Adviser

Brian Schaeffer (he/him)

Brian is an Eagle Scout and Vigil honor member in Takhone Lodge. He is a former lodge chief and section chief, He has also served as an associate section adviser and Takhone lodge adviser. Outside of scouting, he works as a financial planner and is also the treasurer for a Northbrook based non-profit foundation.

Outside of Scouting, Brain is a proud uncle of three nieces who are Cub Scouts in the Far East Council.

Vice Chief Adviser

Cathlynn Peters (she/her)

Cathlynn Peters is a Vigil Honor member of Takhone Lodge, where she just ended her role as an associate lodge adviser and was previously the staff adviser. In the section, she has served as the activities cvc adviser. She looks forward to her new role in Section G9, working with this awesome leadership team.

Away from scouting, Cathlynn likes to hike, ski, and dance. Her friendships in the OA got her started backpacking, and now her only wish is that she had started earlier. One of her favorite places is Philmont, where her most recent trek there was in September for Autumn Adventure.

Secretary Adviser

John Message (he/him)

John is a Vigil Honor member and Founder’s Award recipient from Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge. He was also a long-standing lodge and chapter adviser. Four years ago, he joined the section leadership as an associate section adviser.
In his spare time, John enjoys traveling and camping in his motorhome with his wife and two dogs. He is currently counting down the years to retirement, where he plans to travel around the country in his motorhome.