Order of the Arrow High Adventure

The Order of the Arrow is the best way for Arrowmen to experience Scouting’s four High Adventure Bases at a discounted price while providing service to these pristine natural areas. For more information, visit oa-bsa.org/high-adventure.

Table of Contents

Summit Experience

The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve

Age Requirement: 14 to under 18

The Order of the Arrow Summit Experience program is an eight-day adventure at The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve bordering the New River Gorge National River Area.

While experiencing over 10,000 acres of adventure, you will explore the Summit like no one else while blazing trails with the Order of the Arrow Summit Experience Program.

The program’s first four days will focus on building or maintaining trails around the Summit and the New River Gorge National River Area. The remainder of the experience will revolve around white water kayaking and rafting, along with mountain biking, climbing, and participation in other Summit activities. Participants will not only build trail but also bonds of brotherhood as they start their High Adventure journey.

Trail Crew

Philmont Scout Ranch

Age Requirement: 16 to under 21

The Order of the Arrow Trail Crew program is one of the best ways to experience Scouting’s premier high adventure base, Philmont Scout Ranch. For two weeks, participants see and experience all that Philmont offers and much more.

For the first week, participants will make a significant difference to Philmont by participating in trail building in the backcountry. Work will include clearing terrain for trail and constructing switchbacks, retention bars, and several other erosion controls. Scouts will feel the impact of this service for decades.

The second week of the program is spent experiencing Philmont at its finest. Unlike regular treks, Trail Crews make their own itinerary instead of selecting from pre-planned routes. You can do and see just about anything, from the Tooth of Time to Baldy Mountain, your crew decides!

Wilderness Voyage

Northern Tier National High Adventure Bases

Age Requirement: 16 to under 21

The Order of the Arrow Wilderness Voyage program is an experience like no other. For two weeks, you will join Arrowmen from around the country and experience all the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota has to offer.

The program’s first week is spent giving back to the Boundary Waters through portage trail restoration work. The second part of the program is a trek planned by the crew. From the 8-1/2 mile “Grand Portage” leading to Lake Superior to the Height of Land, even the pictographs on Fishdance Lake, crews have done and seen all in the Boundary Waters.

Ocean Adventure (Paused for Summer 2023)

Florida National High Adventure Sea Base

Age Requirement: 16 to under 21

The Order of the Arrow, in cooperation with the Florida Sea Base, is offering you an opportunity to provide cheerful service while experiencing the adventure and fun of one of the most remarkable ecosystems on our planet—the Florida Keys and the waters which surround them. This ten-day program will provide an array of service opportunities that include work removing invasive species in and around the Sea Base’s Big Munson Island in preserving the Keys’ flora, fauna, and wildlife. You will experience all the fun and excitement that Sea Base has to offer!

Your program is a 10-day experience in which you will experience wilderness camping, kayaking, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, team building (including a trip on a war canoe), and, of course, cheerful service. The program will be conservation-based and seek to help protect the Florida Keys ecosystem.