Conclave Planning Team

2024 Conclave Planning Team

Conclave Chair: Eli Levsky

Activities: Brian Rudnicki
Awards and Special Guests: Jacob Rezutek
Host Lodge: John Salata
Promotions: Catherine Archer
Shows: Erin Rosenthal
Special Events: James Growney
Technology: Ryan Dodd
Trading Post: Joseph Alvarado
Training: Nickolas Giovan

Conclave Planning Team and Committee Roles

The Conclave Planning Team consists of the conclave chair, conclave vice chiefs (CVC), and their advisers. Each CVCa youthleads their committee, which includes their assistant conclave vice chiefs (ACVC), adviser, and associate advisers, to plan and execute a specific part of the conclave and responsibilities for their committee. 

The Activities Committee prepares, plans, and executes all fun activities and games at the section conclave. Every year, this team looks forward to putting together tons of fun events and games for all Arrowmen to enjoy.

The Awards and Special Guests Committee handles the R.D. Dunkin Leadership in Service Award, our section’s only and most prestigious award for service to Section G9, in addition to coordinating any special guests attending the section conclave.

The host lodge CVC is responsible for collecting talent and donations and planning facility use at the conclave site. They are also responsible for gathering equipment and materials before the conclave. During the conclave, this committee is responsible for providing any staffing needed during the event, such as moving picnic tables, staffing activities, and cook crew.

A subset of the year-round communications team, this committee works with lodges to ensure they have all the necessary materials to promote conclave and maximize attendance effectively. Besides providing materials to the lodges, this team also handles promotions on section platforms.  They also create the conclave booklet by working with other committees to see what should be included in this booklet. Additional responsibilities include posting schedules of the day throughout the facility and creating any other print materials. During the conclave, this committee is responsible for taking pictures throughout the day to memorialize the weekend.

Shows are the best way to open and close our Conclave! We’ll see you Friday and Saturday night for fun yet heartwarming shows. Not only will our shows be the perfect way to set the tone for our weekend, but we’ll take a moment to recognize everyone who makes this section’s success possible! The shows will also include the lodge chief competition and weekend recap video. We can’t wait to see everyone at shows!

Special events at the conclave include the patch auction, grand ho-dag, pie the officers, VIA luncheon, and more! This committee also is responsible for coordinating some aspects of charity and service in the event, like the food drive for a local food pantry.

This is a brand new committee! They are responsible for creating an app to allow people to navigate the Conclave resources easier. At Conclave, they are responsible for staffing the information booth throughout the day.

This committee is responsible for designing and ordering items for the section trading post. At the conclave, this committee is responsible for promoting trading post items and staffing the trading post.

The Training Committee is focused on planning unique training sessions for all members at the conclave. Training allows the growth of our abilities, further cements our beliefs, and have fun experiences. The team designs the courses and recruits knowledgeable trainers in order to have great training tracks.