Past Leadership

Section Officers

The section leadership comprises three youth Arrowmen from around the eight lodges of Section G9. They serve as the section chief, vice chief, and secretary. They work all year in various positions and roles, from preparing conclave to assisting the lodges within the section to putting on a quality program.

Past Section Officers

Section G9 Officers
Year Chief Vice Chief Secretary
2023-2024 Eli Levsky Nickolas Giovan Catherine Archer
2022-2023 Collin Welke Kyle Land Eli Levsky
Section C-7 Officers
Year Chief Vice Chief Secretary
2021-2022 Peter Selfors Spencer Pavletic Collin Welke
Tim Reiss**** Spencer Pavletic Collin Welke
2020-2021 Tim Reiss Peter Selfors Robbie Dzierzanowski
2019-2020 Joey Snella Tim Reiss Robbie Dzierzanowski
Patrick McInerney*** Joey Snella Robbie Dzierzanowski
2018-2019 Adam Peterson Joey Snella Patrick McInerney
2017-2018 Sean Mellin Adam Peterson Tim Witek
Will Coots** Sean Mellin Adam Peterson
2016-2017 Alex Witek Will Coots Sean Mellin
2015-2016 Tyler Harris William Caldwell, Jr. Alex Witek
2014-2015 Sam Gartzman Tyler Harris Matthew Koch
2013-2014 Marshal Savitski Eamon Polanski Ryan Prestil
2012-2013 Robert Gale Sam Gartzman Andrew Jensen
2011-2012 Pat Wilson Robert Gale Andrew Jensen
2010-2011 Mike Stanbary Pat Wilson Matt Jeslis
Dan Dick* Mike Stanbary Matt Jeslis
*Elected 2011 National Vice Chief
**Elected 2018 Central Region Chief
***Elected 2020 Central Region Chief
****Elected 2022 National Chief

Past Section Advisers

Section G9 Advisers
Years Adviser Associate Advisers
2022-2023 Brian Schaeffer   John Message   Cathlynn Peters
2022-2023 Sean Gertsch   John Message   Cathlynn Peters
Section C-7 Advisers
Years Adviser Associate Advisers
2021-2022 Eugene Woehrle   Sean Gertsch   John Message Cathlynn Peters
2020-2021 Eugene Woehrle   Sean Gertsch   John Message
2019-2020 Eugene Woehrle   Sean Gertsch   John Message
2018-2019 Mike Tangen Tim Tyler Sean Gertsch Eugene Woehrle
2017-2018 Mike Tangen Tim Tyler Sean Gertsch
2016-2017 Mike Tangen Tim Tyler Brian Schaeffer Sean Gertsch
2015-2016 Adam Enerson Tim Tyler Brian Schaeffer Mike Tangen
2014-2015 Adam Enerson Tim Tyler Terry Dutton Brian Schaeffer
2013-2014 Don Hough Tim Tyler Adam Enerson Brian Schaeffer
2012-2013 Don Hough Tim Tyler Brian Schaeffer
2011-2012 Don Hough Tim Tyler
2010-2011 Frank Fodero Don Hough