R.D. Dunkin Leadership in Service Recipients


This award is designed to recognize those within Section G9 who go far beyond their immediate responsibilities as Arrowmen and, by doing so, have laid a path of excellence for other Arrowmen to follow. The award is named after R.D. Dunkin, who believed that young people could grow to exceptional strengths and reach their full potential with the right combination of leadership, education, mentorship, and love. R.D. Dunkin served as the chairman of the Central Region of the Order of the Arrow for sixteen years and is responsible for shaping the region’s structure and program into what it is today.

Past Recipients

Ryan Dodd Lowaneu Allanque Lodge
Macey KrullTakhone Lodge
Ryan Predki Lowaneu Allanque Lodge
Collin Welke Wag-O-Shag Lodge
Ethan Welke Wag-O-Shag Lodge
Matt Martinez Waupecan Lodge
Jon Roth Wag-O-Shag Lodge
Peter Selfors Wag-O-Shag Lodge
Eugene Woehrle Bigfoot Lodge
Tim ReissTakhone Lodge
Robbie DzierzanowskiLowaneu Allanque Lodge
Nico LambLowaneu Allanque Lodge
Sam SobczakTakhone Lodge
Kary BrownMa-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge
Zach LandquistWag-O-Shag Lodge
Curtis PropstTakhone Lodge
Kolden SeversonBigfoot Lodge
Kyle LandWaupecan Lodge
Albin SpornyTakhone Lodge
Chad DykmanTakhone Lodge
Mike DeLeoWulapeju Lodge
Matthew BazanLowaneu Allanque Lodge
Patrick McInerneyMa-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge
Timothy WitekTakhone Lodge
Adam PetersonMa-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge
Stephen HammMa-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge
Russell SnellaLowaneu Allanque Lodge

If you’d like to read more about the Class of 2020, you can visit the article on them here.

Tyler GerdsKanwa tho Lodge
Thomas EvenMa-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge
Sean MellinTakhone Lodge
Jacob KleinTakhone Lodge
John CampbellTakhone Lodge
Joey SnellaLowaneu Allanque Lodge
Nathan MorrowLowaneu Allanque Lodge
Michael CohoonKanwa tho Lodge
Brian SchaefferKanwa tho Lodge
Tyler VictoryKanwa tho Lodge
Kevin CuttsLakota Lodge
Alexander OstojicOwasippe Lodge
Dylan JensenKanwa tho Lodge
Jim TobakosTakoda Lodge
Adam EnersonTakoda Lodge
Griffin RizzoLakota Lodge
Jared ApplegateWaupecan Lodge
James NeubaumMa-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge
Will CootsWulapeju Lodge
Matt PierucciLakota Lodge
Remy AmftMichigamea Lodge
Matt KaneyTakoda Lodge
Terry DuttonPachsegink Lodge
Ryan PrestilTakoda Lodge
Kyle PolsterMichigamea Lodge
Michael KuhnMa-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge
Alex WitekLakota Lodge
Sean GertschMichigamea Lodge
Tim MellinLakota Lodge
Don HoughLakota Lodge
Ted KumziOwasippe Lodge
Tyler HarrisLakota Lodge
David RelstabOwasippe Lodge
Matthew KochMa-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge
John MessageMa-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge
Sam GartzmanMa-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge
Marshal SavitskiLowaneu Allanque Lodge
Ryan TeuscherTakoda Lodge
Kyle ZugelWaupecan Lodge
Justin JabsKanwa tho Lodge
David NaprstekWaupecan Lodge
Mike StanbaryLakota Lodge
Robert GaleLakota Lodge
Andrew JensenMichigamea Lodge
Jim NaprstekWaupecan Lodge
Tim TylerLowaneu Allanque Lodge
Jon MindrumPachsegink Lodge
Pat WilsonPachsegink Lodge
Richie FeroloLakota Lodge
Dan DickWulapeju Lodge
Mike TangenLakota Lodge
Frank FoderoWaupecan Lodge