Section G9 Spirit Stick

At section conclave, represent your lodge and help your fellow Arrowmen win the coveted Spirit Stick!


What is the Spirit Stick, you may ask?


Over the last decade, it has been bestowed to lodges that exhibited the most amount of fellowship and excitement at the conclave. One lodge will be chosen to take it home this year at the closing show. Each lodge has left its mark on the Spirit Stick by attaching patches and other memorabilia. Lowaneu Allanque Lodge, the winners from last year, decorated it with purple stars.


When you register for Section G9 Conclave: Backcountry Brotherhood by March 19, you get to help your lodge win the Spirit Stick at Conclave from April 21-23 at Camp Big Timber, but also you receive the early bird price of $40! For more information, click here.


If you cannot wait for April to attend extraordinary OA events, register for the National Leadership Seminar (NLS) and Developing Youth Leadership Conference (DYLC) in St. Louis, Missouri, from March 17-19. NLS and DYLC are the pinnacle OA training where Arrowmen—youth and adults—will learn leadership skills that apply to any part of their lives while befriending other Arrowmen around the Gateway Region.


This summer, you will have another opportunity to make new friends with the experience of a lifetime at the 2023 National Jamboree as part of Operation Arrow, the OA’s program to provide service to the event. Arrowmen can register for either the Service Corps (led by our Section Chief, Collin) or Summit Apex (a new area providing a life-changing program to thousands of Scouts). For more information, visit the Operation Arrow site.


We are excited to see hundreds of Arrowmen from Section G9 at Conclave, NLS, and Operation Arrow!