Waupecan Lodge #197

WaupecanLodge Social Media
Website: www.oa187.org
Facebook: Waupecan Lodge 197 Order of the Arrow, BSA
Twitter: @waupecanlodge
Council Website: www.rainbowcouncil.org/

Communities Served
Far South and South West Suburbs: Grundy, Kankakee, and Will Counties.

Council Camp
Rainbow Scout Reservation – Morris, IL.

Lodge History
After Goodman and Edson brought the Order of the Arrow to the Philadelphia Council Camp in 1915, slowly, many lodges began to form all over the United States. It was the Summer Camp of 1940 when this new program made its way to the Rainbow Council. The Council had just opened its new camp – Camp Rotary, and the Orders tradition started here with a tap out ceremony.

The paperwork went through to the Grand Lodge however a name and totem had to be chosen to represent this new lodge. The members wanted a Native American name, and the first and most important word that came to everyone’s mind was Waupecan. Waupecan translated from the Algonquin language means place of clear water. During this time, the land that the camp was built upon was called the Waupecan Valley. On the property of the camp was Lake Waupecan, which formed as a result of damming up the nearby Waupecan Creek. During the hot weeks of summer camp, the lake was a highlight and central focus of camp.

The totem or symbol to represent the lodge was also chosen easily. Most every boy at summer camp knew the legend of Chief Shabbona. He was a friend of the white people and saved many lives during the Indian uprisings. It was also said that at one time the Chief lived on the very land the camp was built upon. The profile of the noble Chief from this area, seemed only fitting as a symbol for the lodge.