OA Section G9 Musician’s Log: Fourth Edition


Section G9 Arrowmen,

Hello and welcome to the fourth edition of the musician’s log! It’s time to reveal the fantastic trainings you can expect at this year’s music themed conclave and update the lodge registration numbers. As a reminder, registration ends on Sunday, April 14, so register here today!


This year, we have five wonderful music lessons for our Arrowmen to take where they will learn a variety of “songs”.

Arrowmen can take our:


Harmony in Leadership: Orchestrating Success

Arrowmen will learn various leadership skills applicable to positions both within and outside Scouting. This music lesson will help you discover yourself as a leader, where your strengths and weaknesses are, and how to succeed.


Behind the Curtain

Recommended for anyone in a lodge leadership position or looking to become one. Participants will learn how to succeed in all lodge key positions, from ceremonies to elections.


Jammin’ Out

Participants will take part in different fun games and activities-all with a purpose. Here you will bond with your fellow Arrowmen!


Tuning into the OA: New Arrowmen Path

During this lesson, participants will learn about the OA, from its history to how it is organized.


Adults in the OA: They can do more than just drink coffee!

Adults play a critical role in the success of our youth and our lodges. Come for a discussion of what that role looks like through the eyes of our youth. Those new to adult leadership roles in the OA are especially welcome.


Now, this week’s registration update!


Bigfoot – 15

Kanwa Tho – 16

Lowaneu Allanque – 61

Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan – 14

Takhone – 91

Wag-O-Shag – 10

Waupecan – 20

Wulapeju – 17


Total – 245 Arrowmen!


Congratulations to the lodges who have increased their registration numbers this week! Registration closes Sunday, April 14th, at 11:59 pm so remind your friends to register! Which lodge will have the most Arrowmen at conclave? Register here and invite a fellow Arrowmen!


We can’t wait to get jazzy with you all at conclave on April 19-21st at the Sandwich Fairgrounds.