Register for the Section G9 Conclave Backcountry Brunch!

Calling all Section G9 adults!!!

What will you cook at the inaugural Backcountry Brunch? Perhaps a breakfast fit for the forest, or maybe a hearty lumberjack lunch!


If you’re interested in competing to create the best backcountry brunch, please fill out this form. Bring your ingredients, cookware, and charcoal (firewood is provided) down to Ansel Cabin after breakfast, and get ready to cook! There will be cooler space at the Dining Hall, but participants will have to bring their ingredients and cookware. 


Then you have the next 2.5 hours to create the best backcountry brunch! Once all cooking is complete, your dish will be judged by guest judges National Chief Zach Grinvalsky, past National Chief Tim Reiss, Immediate Past Section Chief Peter Selfors, Section Chief Collin Welke, and Section Vice Chief Kyle Land. With their exquisite culinary tastes, these judges will rate each dish based on their authenticity, taste, presentation, and ingredient inclusion.


However, beware of the secret ingredient. “Be prepared” to incorporate this ingredient into your dish. We are excited to see what all chefs might cook this weekend at the Backcountry Brunch!


Yours in Backcountry Brotherhood,

Activities Committee