Special Edition: OA Section G9 Musicians Log

Section G9 Arrowmen,

Get ready for the Disco Dinner: our adult leader cook-off at conclave!

How it Works:
This cook-off will occur during the morning trainings, and adults will have 90 minutes to complete their dish! The participants will bring their own supplies and ingredients as they would on a regular campout and work to complete their dish in the allotted time. Watch out, there will be a special ingredient introduced at conclave! Once complete, the dishes will judged by our section leadership! To win, the dish must taste good and be on theme, so make a dish on your favorite band!

How to Participate:
To participate, bring your cooking utensils, ingredients you will need (we will have refrigeration available), and what you are cooking your dish in, whether that is a camp stove or a dutch oven. You will not want to forget your fuel! Table space will be limited so please bring a table from home if you own one. 

Next Steps:
To participate in this groovy competition, register for conclave here! We are very excited to jive with you all from April 19-21 at the Sandwich Fairgrounds!

Together in Harmony,
Your Conclave Planning Team