OA Section G9 Musician’s Log: Third Edition

What to Expect

Section G9 Arrowmen,

Hello and welcome to the third edition of the musician’s log! It’s time to reveal all the fun you can expect at this year’s music themed conclave and update the lodge registration numbers. 

A few of the special events planned are:
OA High Adventure – Join the section for breakfast and learn more about the high adventure programs offered in the OA! 

G9 Ho-Dag Classic – After the closing show, join Section G9 at an after party with root beer, karaoke, and fellowship!

Food Drive – Section G9 gives back! We will have a lodge contest to see which lodge can bring the most non-perishable donations. This contest counts toward earning the Spirit Stick!

Additional activities include:
Hillbilly Band – Come hang out and let your musical talent come alive with your fellow Arrowmen by making your own Hillbilly Band! You are sure to immerse yourself in music at this station whether instrumental or vocal.

Relay Race – Lodges will compete in the Ragtime Relays as a team, competing in a chorale of musical themed challenges to emerge victorious over the competition.

Adult Leader Cook-off – Leaders who do not wish to participate in trainings, can participate in a delicous challenge instead. Each contestant’s food will be judged by a guest panel to determine the winner.

Scavenger Hunt – Keep a sharp eye for guitar picks spread across the fairground! Who will find the most? 

Now, this week’s registration update!

Bigfoot – 10
Kanwa Tho – 7
Lowaneu Allanque – 39
Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan – 11
Takhone – 70
Wag-O-Shag – 4
Waupecan – 13
Wulapeju – 14

Congratulations to the lodges who have increased their registration numbers this week! Early bird registration closes on this Thursday,  April 4th, at 11:59 pm so remind your friends to register and save! Which lodge will have the most Arrowmen at conclave? Register here and invite a fellow Arrowmen!

We can’t wait to jam with you all at conclave on April 19-21st at the Sandwich Fairgrounds.